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End of Game – My comment on several things during the Play-by-Play:

Okay, Hannigan just got a hit in the bottom of the 13th Inning today.  The Reds have a chance to win.  Taveras just put the bunt down – good bunt; got Hannigan to 2nd base.  Janish has a chance to get the hit, and get the win.  Now, the count is 1-2 – – the Reds need to get HUNGRY and get this Run scored.  Janish struck out swinging – two outs, and here we go again.  Would really like to see Janish get more chances to hit, right, Dusty?  Gonzoles couldn’t buy a hit today…

Dickerson now has a 1-1 count – this kid still hasn’t impressed me, and Rosales has SLUMPED lately.  Rosales has had the chance to hit a Sacrifice Fly to win the game twice in extra innings, and has FAILED both times, once with shallow fly ball, and the other with a fielder’s choice that led to force out at Home Plate.  Of course, Nix should have tried to run on Rosales’ fly out. 

This team is without Mr. Votto still – Now, his 15-game D.L. Visit isn’t long enough, and will probably be longer.  I’m really praying for this kid, and hope is able to heal…whatever his problem is.  Bottom line with Votto, however, is “His Team Really NEEDS Him.  When will this team start scoring big runs again?  Dickerson just doesn’t look comfortable up there, and I hope he comes through. 

GOOD Job, Dickerson – he drew a base-on-balls, and Mr. Phillips is coming to the plate.  Come on, Brandon!  He’s 1-for-4 with 2 walks, a single.  But…NO – Brandon looks lethargic, and lines out.  So…it’s on to the 14th Inning.  Both the Reds and the Cubs have blown chances to win this game, and the Reds get an A+ in blowing countless chances to win this thing. 

Soriano just hit a HR off of Mike Lincoln, probably the Reds’ worst pitcher – Give me a BREAK!  Reds’ Radio just let us know that this is the 4th time in a row that the opposition has gotten an extra base hit…on Lincoln’s first pitch in the game!  Cubs now in place to Win, and now they have another hit.  Just WHAT is Lincoln doing in the Majors with an 8.55 ERA?  Well, he shouldn’t have pitched today, plain and simple, because Rosales and Co. should have Won this game @ 30+ minutes ago.  Team should be ashamed a bit…

Now, 3 hits and two runs off of Lincoln – PATHETIC!  Marty Brennaman just told Reds’ listeners that Lincoln signed a 2-year contract in the off season.  Now, the Reds are down, 6-3; pitcher’s slot is due in their next at-bat.  This is a game for the Reds to FORGET, except for the fact that they need to work on their SACRIFICE FLIES. 

Oh yes, NOT ONE STOLEN BASE!  I thought this was a team with speed??? 

Bottom of 14th Inning – 3rd hit by Nix today (single), followed by pop fly by Hernandez, and Strikeout by Rosales.  Rosales might be hearing a call from the Minors calling again (he looks BAD), and opening up the door for Encarnicion to return – that’s NOT good news to me.  EE, to me, is NOT the answer to curing the Reds’ ills.  Rather, EE has been a part of those ills for a LONG time.  Well, the pitcher strikes OUT to end the game. 

What can one say about a lousy Game – PATHETIC – by the Reds, and some really lethargic bats in the clutch?  Pathetic in FAILURE to drive in the Winning Run several times, and FAILURE of Lincoln to pitch One Decent Inning in relief…letting down all the other pitchers.  Lots of blame to go around on losing this game, and this team needs to “get it together.” 

I really sat down to write a column, looking to the Reds to pull this game out in late innings.  Instead, the Reds LOST to a poor Cubs team.  In my book, that makes the Reds poorer…for today at least.  Reds’ fans deserved better at Home…especially today. 

It’s HIGH Time for the Reds to “Hit the road.” High Time for Votto, I think, to fish or cut bait, to get cured and back on the team.  Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about with him, but it would be nice to know where he stands with the team right now.  The Reds need more punch at the plate – they looked like LOSERS today, and I DON’T have a good feeling about that. 

Paging Mr. Baker: Your team cannot get back to Fun again by LOSING!  Sir, your job today was poor as well.  Play Janish more, and send Lincoln on a long car ride when the next game starts. 


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Rose Scores Against Giants – Riverfront Stadium, June 1972






TEAM W  L   %   GB
 Milwaukee 33- 24  .579
 St. Louis 31- 26  .544   2.0
 Chicago 28- 26     .519   3.5
 Cincinnati 29- 27 .518   3.5
 Pittsburgh 26- 30 .464   6.5
 Houston 25- 30 .455   7.0


Streaks: L1
Last 10: 4-6
Home: 14-14  Road: 15-13
Runs Scored: 247  
Runs Against: 241