About americansoldier

I’ve been associated with the U.S. Army now
for over 22 years, with nearly that many years of Active Duty
Service. Still serving, and I’m a Veteran of Operation Desert
Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and
Operation Iraqi Freedom. Originally from a small town near
Cincinnati (small town in Clinton Co.), I grew up idolizing
the Cincinnati Reds, and was spoiled by watching the Big Red
Machine in action. I’m happily married to my Wife of nearly
twenty years, and we have two teenage boys, 17 & 16 years
old respectively. I’m a Born-Again Christian, and a Proud
American Patriot. I love My God & Savior and I’m Proud to
Serve My Country, without apologies for either.


Pete Rose has always been my favorite
ballplayer, since I was 7 years old. Charlie Hustle won me
over upon seeing him in action during the 1970 World Series.
Mr. Rose made his signature headfirst dive into second base
in one of the games against the Orioles. I’ve never regretted
the decision to follow Mr. Rose’s career as a fan since then,
though I’ve regretted and been embarrassed by several of his
decisions. Still, I would love to see Pete Rose become a
member of Baseball’s Hall of Fame one day…preferably while
he and his fans can enjoy it to some extent. Mr. Rose doesn’t
deserve to run a ballteam again, though, and he’s fooling
himself to hold out for it. Still, on the baseball field, I’d
start my team with Pete Rose in his prime any day. It’s my
tribute to one of his positive memories that I entitle my
blog “Getting Back To Fun Again.” That was a Reds’
motto/jingle on WLW Radio after Reds’ ballgames – started in
late 1984, or the 1985 Season – after Pete returned to
Cincinnati as a Player-Manager.