Father and Son - Yankee Stadium (Sunday, 12 June 2011)

Well (not a good start to this), 2011 was about as poor a season as the Reds could suffer.

To go from 1st Place with a 91-71 Record (.563) to 3rd place 79-83 Record (.488), you have to have lots of help and bad luck.  I’m too sick of the season to write much – Why start NOW?

Other than solid years from Joey Votto (.309 BA/29 HR/103 RBI), Jay Bruce (.256 BA/32 HR/97 RBI), and Brandon Phillips (.300 BA/18 HR/82 RBI), not much to cheer about. Let’s mention a great season from Fransico Cordero (5-3, 37 SV, 2.45 ERA).

Edison Volquez, in my opinion, is the Face of a LOSING season in Cincy.  Volquez had a very poor year, and he was paid well to be largely a minor-league mainstay, along with a minor-league attitude.  Reading his interviews, Etc., I don’t think that prima-donna gets it.  At least Bronson Arroyo, for his poor numbers, acknowledged his failures and pitched his heart out.  Volquez took an early-season swipe at the Reds offense – his frustration, to some degree was justified, but NOT after giving up 7 runs in less than a 5-inning LOSS.  Not once did I read about his acknowledgment that he failed the team and his fans in 2011 – Yes, prima-donna is right on the money.  I hope the Reds go for someone else instead of trying to resign this “Legend-in-his-own-mind,” as I still bristle that we traded Josh Hamilton to the Rangers for him…

Add the mind-numbing comment that Manager Dusty Baker, the one with 7 losing years out of 8 at the helm, made in considering Volquez as his starter for next year.  WHERE???  In Double or Triple-A BASEBALL???

Volquez - Performance Face for 2011 Reds (Pathetic)...

The 2011 Reds lacked heart and hustle, and they surely lacked in runs scored and timely pitching.  By the way, why not keep their new 1B-Prospect AND Votto, and build upon Phillips and Bruce, too.  Keep Arroyo around – I believe he has some solid seasons left in him, and Reds fans like the guy, and the feeling is mutual.  Make MLB in Cincinnati fun again…for both the players and the fans.  Build and Winner…”And they (many fans) will come.”  Here’s hoping that Mr. Jocketty and Mr. Castellini will resume the real drive to bring a consistent Winner back to Cincinnati…because 2011 – for Reds fans – was NO Fun. 

As a Reds Fan, I do want to make a Note of Congratulations…to the New York Yankee’s legendary Shortstop, Derek Jeter.  I was sorry to see Mr. Jeter drop just below a comeback year of hitting .300 (.297), but he still had a solid year (.297 BA/6 HR/61 RBI), and the Yankees are back in the Postseason.  Of course, Jeter became the first Yankee in their history to collect 3,000 hits – Derek Jeter is my son Will’s all-time favorite ballplayer, and we went to NYC and saw him collect hits #2,992 & #2,993 back on Sunday, June 12.  The new Yankee Stadium is a beautiful ballpark, and a tribute to Yankee History.

Jeter now has 3,088 hits and a lifetime .313 BA, along with all his other great records, and 5 World Series Rings, too.  Here’s his Turn-Two Foundation website, for those interested:  http://derekjeter.mlb.com/players/jeter_derek/index.jsp – Of course, for all my great respect and admiration for Derek Jeter, I seriously DOUBT his lifetime hit record will come close to the Hit King, Pete Rose (4,256 hits).  Of course, Pete could learn a thing or two about public relations from Mr. Jeter.  One can still hope Charlie Hustle isn’t too old to change some ways…Hey, Johnny Bench’s tribute in September was something to remember – Johnny Lee Bench is the Greatest Catcher ever to play the game, and a pretty class act, too. 

Well (again), it’s getting later – As John Wayne would say, “We’re burning daylight.”  Much to do, and it won’t get done here.  Good luck to all the teams in the Postseason – I don’t really have a dog in this hunt — My Dogs (Reds) are OUT…until hopefully 2012.  So long for now…

Vaya Con Dios/ GOD Bless America!

Good facial description for Reds' 2011

Good facial description for Reds' 2011


Johnny Bench, Statue – Johnny Bench Night (17 September 2011)

DEREK JETER - HIT #3,000 (09 JULY 2011)


The Duke: "We're Burning Daylight..."


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