Anyone who has spent a few minutes looking at this blog knows that I’m a Pete Rose/Big Red Machine fan.  Charlie Hustle, a.k.a. The Hit King, has always been my favorite baseball player.  The man simply got the job done on the field, and was darned exciting to watch. 

Unfortunately, Pete Rose has also been about as embarrassing off the field as he has been exciting on it.  I won’t even touch the betting on baseball, or 14 years of lies he told in denial.  Let’s see: There’s a (1) Paternity Suit back in January 1979, which he settled; (2) multiple affairs on his first wife, Karolyn; (3) Same on his second wife, Carol. 

NOW, Mr. Rose is obviously forgetting his age (68).  He’s forgetting the vows he made to his 2nd wife – Hey, I wonder if Rose even had vows to her.  On top of that, he’s dating a woman who was running around in diapers when he was setting MLB records.  Now, he’s talked his girlfriend into trying to get a audition for Playboy Magazine.  Sorry, Pete – This fan is disgusted in your behavior, and I’m sure I’m NOT alone.   

GROW UP, PETE!  I remember when Mr. Rose admitted in an interview – with an allusion to his betting on baseball – that he’had done some things his father wouldn’t be proud of.  Guess “Old Grandad” can add another tale to his hall of shame story. 

Rose, Girlfriend - DISGRACE (05DEC09).jpg

Wonder If Your Dad and Ty Are Looking Down On This Great Moment, Pete…


Thumbnail image for Harry Rose and Son - c.1969 (02APR09).jpg

Rose and His Dad – c.1969

When Mr. Rose’s father, Harry “Big Pete” Rose, died in December 1970, it seemed that all the stops came off in the Pete Rose’s life – as far as acting his age, and remembering he had responsibilities to his family…and his fans.  Rose the ballplayer seemed to just get better with age – over many years.  He was invaluable as a teammate, and he helped push other stars to be their very best – just ask Joe Morgan, Johnny Bench, and Mike Schmidt, to name a few.   

Rose just seemed to remain a perpetual teenager.  Until recently, it seemed that he was acting his age the past several years.  Well, “Rose-Hefner” has gone back to his teens once more, thanks to this sad tale.  Isn’t Charlie Hustle a little O-L-D for yet another mid-life crisis?  What of his wife, Carol Rose, who has stood by his side since April 1984, when they got married.  She’s been there during Rose’s fall from baseball grace as well.  Doesn’t she count for something, Pete?  Why isn’t your wife your girlfriend, too???   This tale, in my opinion, is a disgrace.  

I’ve defended Pete Rose on countless occasions.  Now, I don’t know whether I feel more disgust or pity for the man.   Has Mr. Rose NO shame these days? 

I hope Pete gets a wake-up call about his attitude, though I seriously doubt he’ll take it.  I’m sure this stupidity really appeals to MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, as well as Bob Feller, Johnny Bench, Stan Musial, Joe Morgan, and several other Hall Of Famers.  Just when it seems more sympathy could be there for Charlie Hustle to somehow have a chance to make it back into baseball’s good graces before he dies, he pulls another trick out of his bag of STUPID Stunts. 

In closing, I’ve often told my Sons (now ages 18 and 16), to play sports like Pete Rose played baseball, giving 110% on every play.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to tell my boys to NEVER play the game of life like Pete Rose.  Pete Rose on the field is worth emulating; off the field, he’s worth forgetting. 

My boys will see me, through 20-plus years of marriage, multiple deployments during times of war, and more – with a marriage that is happy, healthy, and intact, and I hope I’ve been a good father as well.  I’m no saint, and I couldn’t play baseball today to save my life – but I pray I’m a much better example on how they should live their lives, love their families…and keep their dignity intact.  I’ll take my Wife and Family over Pete Rose, his records, and his feet of clay, a.k.a. stupid decisions everyday of the week, and twice on Sundays.  That’s an understatement.   

I would really LOVE to be PROUD of you again one day, PETE.  That’s not looking good lately…

1971, Spring Training, 2 (29OCT08).jpg




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